UV- Corona Sanitizer

Corona or the killer virus has spread from countries to countries like anything , taking lives of people with him. Mostly all the countries of the world have been dealing with this pandemic for few months.

The numbers are increasing day by day but the world is slowly and gradually opening and people are getting accustomed to live with this virus ensuring the safety and precautionary measures required to save themselves from this Virus

This new lifestyle or the way of living life is so called the New Normal and people are very easily starting their New Normal life and getting used to it.

But a country like USA (Super Power) has been stunned by the numbers of affected people and deaths out of that numbers. So does other countries also like Russia, Spain, Italy, UK, India have been affected badly by this Virus.

India Fights Corona – Develops Own Corona Sanitizer

Having the second largest population of 1.33 billion , it was difficult to fight this virus , but we have managed to fight and we all know how we fought it during the virus break out period in the country

We are still trying to fight by taking precautionary measures to save ourselves from that disease which is increasing day by day in the country and taking lives of people.

UV Sanitisation Box and Hand-held UV device

In Mids of that under the banner of “MAKE IN INDIA” our Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences (DIPAS) and Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences (INMAS), DRDO laboratories in Delhi have designed & developed Ultraviolet C Light based santization box and hand held UV-C (ultraviolet light with wavelength 254 nanometres) device.

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Disney+Hotstar Free VIP Subscription

Free Hotstar Vip Subscription Plans by Jio

Free Hotstar Vip Subscription available now , to know that further please read below but before lets go back a bit and refresh ourselves with little bit info about Hotstar and how this new plan cooked.

Hotstar  which is one of the most used OTT platform , either to watch movies , serials or watch live sports came into existence in 2015 launched by one of the most successful TV Channel Brand “Star India”.So that people shouldn’t miss their live entertainment or episodes of their favorite shows while away from the television.

But after 4 years of successful running of the platform , the owners decided to upgrade it a bit and then from normal registration , they decided to migrate their existing subscribers to  the newly launched “VIP Subscription Plan” or “VIP Membership”

This Plan had some extra advantages of watching some of the content only if your a VIP member or have subscribed to VIP plan.  This VIP plan costs around Rs 399 for a year long membership. The viewers who became VIP members have access to numerous movies & shows available in the Hotstar and also to some exclusive special streaming of different shows launched here.

Jio partners with Hotstar

The most used telecommunication carrier JIO which partnered with Hotstar few years ago to show the IPL live on Hotstar and also to all the customers of JIO TV  who wanted to wath any of the content of star channels were straightly redirected to Hotstar to continue their viewing.

Now this partnership has gone to a next level where Jio has came up with recharge plans to provide complimentary “VIP Subscription” of this OTT platform to all its prepaid customers for a year . Now whoever wants to enjoy the VIP access of Hotstar free of cost just needs to recharge with the new plans that the former has come up with.

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iTUNES makes way on Microsoft


Good news for all the music lovers and all those who use iTunes as,Apple inc has launched its famous iTunes app for windows 10 pc available from Microsoft store formerly known as windows store. This app was available for ios users and then it was decided by the Microsoft at its build conference last year that app will also be launched for window pcs and many users were awaiting the debut of  iTunes on Windows but then in 2017 Apple inc in december 2017 said that the app will not be launched in that year.
Then in 2018 it was finally launched by the Apple Inc. It has same features as that of the iTunes at IOS, now the installation updates will be handled through the Microsoft store rather updating through Apple Store.The app will only run on Windows 10 Pcs with architectures of either x86 or x64.The arrival of iTunes has also ensured the software compatibility of windows 10 S mode which is considered to be the most secure version that are meant for schools and establishments that runs app downloaded from Microsoft store itself.
The description of the app reads as “iTunes is the easy way to enjoy your favourite music,movies,TV shows and more on your Pcs.




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Planet on Google Maps


We have read about the planets in our school books  and saw them in sci-fiction movies or in science related movies or heard news about them. But never saw them with our eyes. Many people must have seen who are scientists or astronauts, but except these peole who are not able to see it . Now a good news for all the people that they will be able to see the planets  virtually of our solar system,with just use of hand on Google Maps
Ya its true now Google Maps which is still used by many and by myself also used it to as a navigator to see traffic and many activities related to navigation.Now this Google Map will allow us to explore many planets and moon also.To access this new imagery and see planets virtually one just need to zoom out from the terrestrial Google Maps view until we hit the outer space .One can also visit the International space station Which also joined Google street view program.

 This has been made possible by astronomical artist Bjorn Jonsson who assembled the maps of planets and moon to these service of Google by working imagery from US space agency , NASA and European Space Agency. With this any user can virtually see the planets and their moons.
For eg.We can see the moons of Saturn named Dione,Lapteus and Enceladus and also the largest planets moon which is Jupiter and its moon are Europa and Ganymede.We can also enjoy and explore the icy plain of Enceladus where cassini discovered water beneath moons crust suggesting signs of life. Google maps have also added pluto and venus also with their moons making a total of 12 planets to explore ..



We have seen many devices which helps to blow and flew away mosquitoes and use mosquito repellent for doing that but if asked to anyone about a mobile device being used to do the same work everyone will we be shocked to know that and will think that I must be joking. But no I m not joking, the fact is that now it’s possible with launch of LGK7i by the LG company we can do that work  also.

Repellent Smartphone
Repellent Smartphone

This smartphone have all the other facilities like others have bit it has a added facility or a new technology of ultrasonic waves by which the mosquitoes will flew away rather coming to us .It also has a stand for doing this also . The LG K7i comes with an additional rear cover bundled in the box that can be placed on the phone when required – it features a speaker that produces ultrasonic frequencies said to drive mosquitoes away.
Although of this new technology it comes with Android Marshmallow for its users.It also supports a 5 inch on cell display,a quad core processor and 2 GB RAM with it. K7i has an 8-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-megapixel front camera. It comes with 16GB of inbuilt storage, expandable via microSD card. It features 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.1, Micro-USB, FM radio, and 3.5mm audio jack as connectivity options. It runs on a 2500mAh battery, measures 144.7×72.6×8.1mm, and weighs 138 grams.

Super Mario Returns


The childhood time is considered to be the best the time in life of a child,during this time the child had any time to devote to computer games,TV,video games etc. That time many games were their that kids loved to play on their video games and one of the game that fonded the small kids and children named “SUPER MARIO”.This game was loved by all,as the game was developed in such a manner that it made kids addict to it. The In-game character named Mario was controlled by the gamer and he has to clear all the levels to complete the game at once by facing difficulties and overcoming it on its path to complete the level. This game was letter brought to android with many new updates and features. On 23rd September Nintendo the game developer brought the biggest update in its game named “SUPER MARIO RUN”which is considered to be the latest update of super Mario, to give it a new look and so that gamer’s who play can continue playing for long time as they used to do it in their childhood days. The newest features are as follows
                Like every song has its remix version,the game has also got the same,This remix version allows the player to play set of 10 super short sections from the game existing levels in a quick succession. Each attempt has something new for the players that is new layouts,challenges and rainbow colored coins to collect. Like in the old game ,as soon as we die we used to see a game over screen which used to dishearten us ,has been removed ,so that player can familiarize and gets to know all levels. As the finishing stages comes the games going to get a new playable character named Princess DAISY who has to be first rescued then ,she will be used as a playable character.
                 The new playable character”PRINCESS DAISY” once rescued in Remix10 mode can be used in game all modes. The special power or feature is that she has the ability of double jumping. This can help the players to finish the level fast as possible by finding out coins,which had been hard to find previously. A new world called “World Star”also added to the game which can be unlocked after we finish all the stages of world one through six. We can also play our own choice of music while playing the game ,which would reflect in game also which we can find out by seeing Mario and its friends wearing headphones.
                  The game will be launched for all android,ios users on 29th September at a 50% discount for two weeks celebrating all this additions and updates to these game.the update will be available to be downloaded ,ie we will get all this features in Rs.400($5 in US) instead of Rs 800($10 in the US).


After successfully tieing up with motorola few years back,Now Google has tied up with HTC by buying the latter companies mobile division for $1.1billion. This is one of the big buy’s by Google after Motorola in 2010.Both the companies have worked previously together as HTC manufactured both of Google Pixel in 2016. These Pixel were designed by Google and marketed as Google devices.So both HTC & Google are eager to work together as a team and do wonders.By doing this acquisition Google has now challenged all other android partners including Samsung,Lg and Huawei. So we can say that HTC served as a silent contractor to Google.Google now gains tighter control over the design and production of the Pixel and other devices which would increase its sales.Google took up 2000 employees who had experience working on its signature Pixel Device.The move could bring Google closer to achieving the hardware/software synergy that has worked so well for Apple and the iPhone, though HTC and other Android smartphone makers still use off-the-shelf processors and other components in their handsets.

But this doesn’t stop HTC from launching smartphone under its own brand.As stated by HTC Ceo Cher Wang that this will “ensure more innovataion within HTC smartphone and vive virtual reality business” In fact a press release states that the company is already actively preparing for its next flagship smartphone. HTC also touched upon its virtual reality offering and said that it will “continue to build the ecosystem to grow its Vive business, while investing in other next-generation technologies, including the Internet of Things, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.”This agreement also supports HTC’s continued branded smartphone strategy, enabling a more streamlined product portfolio, greater operational efficiency and financial flexibility. HTC will continue to have best-in-class engineering talent, which is currently working on the next flagship phone.
In totality we can say that both are in win-win situation with this agreement made by Google & HTC. None of the companies have been affected badly by this deal but this will the ensure the top search engine company to hold command over production,designing to its products.This will also help HTC to launch new phone with new design as their will be new backhand team for their smartphones.




Battery bases  for speakers designed specifically to house the Amazon Echo Dot and to do that VAUX is the first company . Its cordless portability, enhanced audio quality and beautiful modern aesthetic let’s you enjoy VAUX anywhere in your home environment.It has better sound quality,cordless and with a beautiful design to look different from other speakers.
VAUX has a premium, battery-powered speaker that enriches audio quality and offers a richer user experience. Plug your mobile device or tablet into the built-in 3.5mm jack, and instantly turn VAUX into a portable sound system.It has micro-usb plug in,dot dracking tray and also micro-usb port.So for extending its battery,the accessory company Ninety7 is continuing its quest to untether smart speakers from wall outlets with the introduction of new battery packs designed for the Echo Dot and Google Home. .   

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Apple Pay

Apple Pay Cash to Arrive With Future Update to IOS 11, watchOS 4
With launch of IOS11 few hours back ,a rumour was spread across widely about Apple Pay technology yesterday and few hours back today it was revealed that this will be available with the next future update of IOS 11 and Watch OS 4.Many have launched their pay software then why would APPLE stay back .So now Apple being in this list too,now their will be a competition among all others pay software and apps.
Apple first uneviled its money transfer service called Apple Pay Cash built into Messages back at WWDC 2017, helping users send and receive money via Apple Pay. For this purpose, Apple also launched its own digital debit card called Apple Pay Cashcard that works just like any other debit card allowing you to buy things online, or through tap and pay transactions in physical stores.

As soon as the update arrives,the users will be able send and receive money via a text in Apple messages.In order to send money the users need to open the persons chat by going through message option,tap on the apple pay icon,then the users need to enter the amt they want to send by selecting the payment card they then needs to authenticate this transaction by their touch id or face id on Iphone X whichever is suitable for them.Then just click on the send button .The recipient will receive the money on its apple pay cash card that is in the wallet app. Then this money can be used by the recipient to make purchase using this apple pay thing in stores,apps and if the user dosen’t want to use it ,he can transfer the apple cash balance to his bank account.For this transfer apple has updated its apple pay website with a coming this fall release for this purpose.The users need to add debit card or credit card to this Apple Wallet App.The users will not be charged any fees if they transfer money using debit card but if users use use credit card then they will be charged a 3% fee.

The makers think that this new service and the digital debit card ,will increase the usage of Apple Pay by customers and this can increase the use of apple phones and lessen the use of going to banks .This will be very much beneficial for all those students who dosen’t have a bank account,rather will help them to hold a virtual card on Apple Pay and can send,receive money easily.


IOS 11..Knocks The Door


Apple CEO Tim Cook and his team has launched many operating software with its products,like Iphone 6 and 6 plus have ios 10 but now with launch of Apple Iphone- 8,8plus and X it made him to come up with a new software for betterment of its product and also so that he can attract more customer’s. So he came up with ios 11 which is going to be launched tomorrow for the general public.
Its beta version was found in Iphone 7 and 7plus.After seeding ten beta verions of iOS 11 to developers and nine betas to public for beta testers, along with a golden master (GM) version of the software. The GM version of iOS 11 represents the final software and that will be provided to the public on Tuesday, September 19
This IOS-11 have a lot of changes in it with added features and many more..
  • IOS 11 brings subtle design changes to interface elements throughout the operating system. Text is bolder, apps like Calculator and Phone have a new look, and the Lock screen and Control Center have been entirely redesigned.
  • The Control Center is customizable and there are options to include a wider range of settings. It’s no longer split across multiple screens, and 3D Touch integration has expanded, so you can do more without needing to open the Settings app.

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